time stops,

by inasmuch

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These are songs that I've written from the past year or two of my life, ranging from a trip experience to my grandpa's death. Its not much in the way of trying to tell a story but its what I have been going through lately. the artwork is where I got the name inasmuch, its a page from DMT: The Spirit Molecule by Dr. Rick Strassman. I was reading it and saw that word and thought it looked cool, so I took a picture and sent it to Ian and said, "band name".


released October 14, 2015

Tracks 1-3:
Carter Brown - Guitar/Vocals/Bass (tracks 1 and 3)
Sage Weeber - Drums
Ian Carter - Bass (track 2)
Tracks 4-5:
Carter Brown - everything

Live inasmuch is:
Carter Brown - Guitar/Vocals
Elliot Tague - Drums

All recorded in my basement and mixed by me



all rights reserved


inasmuch Moline, Illinois

band from the quad cities, sad and catchy, loud and fast.

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Track Name: DMT
my walls are falling down this hurricane is burying any sign I might be found
my walls are caving in this hurricane is barricading me in where I sit
you can call me all you want Ill tell you that Im not home
you can break down my doors but youll find a shell of who you used to know

and my eyes they see a shadow thats not there I cant help but not meet your stare
Track Name: Chocolate Bear
(lyrics co-written by K-Swank, dont forget the dash aka my chocolate bear)
this river is taking me where the waters much colder and it only gets deeper as we both get older
its not about the changing of place its the changing of people and its not how I turn to face my fears and my evils its not about what I can have its what I can offer and its not about here or there its what comes after
and I have seen what happens with distance when we lack patience and persistence my thoughts have outgrown my head as my bodies outgrown my bed
Im falling to pieces and I will not let you know that I am
falling apart at the seams Im falling apart it would seem from all these places and all these people that arent even thinking of me
Track Name: Canadian Club Reserve
Im calling you again Im calling you my friend
and all the lies we told are nothing more than old stories and problems I dont care about anymore
so Im calling you again can we make amends I want your stories and I want your problems again
its getting harder everyday to find the words to bring you back to me when youre back youll see there isnt any other way
I know it sounds a bit cliche I know you hate it when I rhyme like that when my voice goes flat but there isnt any other way so im calling you out

and im staring at the end
and im staring at you my friend
Track Name: Nights Alone
Im finding my way back home wherever that is Im crawling out of this hole tonight if I can cause were so low and your so cold and were so far from home
I tried to make it right for you but you didnt understand I tried to make it right for you but you didnt listen to my plans I called you every night but you were stuck out with your friends I tried to call for help but you wouldnt take my hands
and im trying to let you know just how far i will go
but were so low and your so cold and were so far from home and I dont know if i can let this go
Track Name: More Sax
im starting to think that all the words you said to me were fake cause youve been gone for far too long when you said just a couple days and you taught me things that I cant read cause theyre not things we talk about like how to feel and how to love but not how to live without
a home
a place a call your own
where were not alone
this absence is killing me and whaddya know im staying up at night staring at my phone at all the photos we took and whaddya know im walking the streets at night to places we used to
to be alone
now that youre gone
I dont go
Im starting to think that all the words you said meant nothing at all but they still mean everything to me and i know that you wont answer my call but that wont stop me from trying