an ugly tulip

by inasmuch

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this is a collection of songs about people that I have known throughout the past two years. people who made an impact on me.
please and happy new year were recorded beginning of 2015
nathan is an acoustic version of song that my old band buddha used to play, it was written also at the beginning of 2015. we couldn't come up with song titles so we just named it nathan because he wrote the music, so credit goes to him for that one. I like the name.
the other two are more recent
all these songs mean something to me
all these songs tell a story of a different person that I know, none are in my life anymore, but thats how things seem to go


released March 17, 2016

all songs written and recorded by me
except nathan, the music for that was written by buddha

buddha was
nathan lane
sage weeber
eli modjeska
ian carter
and elliot tague (who plays drums for inasmuch now)

the artwork was done by a good friend of mine, she painted me that picture before I moved to michigan and she moved to portland
so thank you Anna Delashmutt, i appreciate it.



all rights reserved


inasmuch Moline, Illinois

band from the quad cities, sad and catchy, loud and fast.

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Track Name: drunk tank
i fell up the stairs too many drinks and youll have me there in your room in your bed where i said I would never rest again but im here now and your too loud i dont wanna hear why you need me so im leaving but i fall down i guess im staying out tonight
so why dont you stop the room from spinning and why dont you
so why dont you call me when im better and why dont we work this out together cause my thoughts are racing I cant keep my mind in one place and im stumbling all over again
I cant get my head straight I wanna leave this fucking place but its too late
Track Name: resonator
I heard you moved on again but ive stayed the same I heard you left your door open for someone to take my place but I never left
so when you think of me when your lonely do you picture me lonely too and when you think of me do you see me thinking of you just like you
so when you think of me do you see me playing these sad songs are you singing along so when you think of me do you see me out with my friends you couldnt be more wrong
Track Name: nathan
remember when you said the years would pass like seconds in our eyes remember when you said that when you looked at me you got stuck in time but now my memory of you is fading and you cant change my mind except call
now im falling to the ground as im calling out your name and im starting to forget about all of my pain
remember when you said that you would always be mine remember your last look as you crossed the state line and the fucking space you left behind its another fucking mountain that I have to climb
Track Name: happy new year (and many more)
leave your house walk through the snow itll ruin my shoes I know but i cant bring myself to care my socks are already soaked my soles are wearing thin but i cant bring my self to buy another pair cause when I look down i see all the places that ive been and when I look around I see all the shit that im in and when i look back i see your face and your telling me its time to leave
so ill walk home in the street while the wind laughs at me without their leaves the trees look weak kind of like me
cause you were the anchor you held me down you were the voice in my head telling me not drown under these dark thoughts and impurities so why do i have to leave
Track Name: please
well im staring at you as your looking through me and i dont know what to believe anymore just remember the nights before when you were happier cause now your staring at the floor so i cant paint you a picture of a better life again a stronger heart one that doesnt have to mend a brand new start where things are different in the end where we can walk away and you can still call me a friend